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Magazine introduction

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Mobile apps Kculture service
The primary purpose of this magazine is to reproduce and distribute magazines as multimedia, entertainment, B2C social commerce among Hallyu fans around the globe so as to provide them with a new entertainment tool and the opportunity of promotion and sales for advertisers.
K-culture advertisement service
This is a marketing service provider that offers advertising and promotional services within K-culture Digital Magazine and engages in a comprehensive range of digital advertising, promotion and distribution marketing, including takeover and retention of sponsor’s customers, distribution, core marketing and digital publishing and production (including bulk papers) in a bid to provide merchants with an opportunity to expand revenues.
Social commerce service
Social Commerce of our company supports distribution services in the form of multiple social commerce services, including direct link to advertiser’s products within the Magazine, PPL/PI link to advertiser’s products, PPL/PI advertising link, and open price marketing shopping mall.
Trust eyes post! Monthly reporting for sponsor.
We place our highest priority on building customer and sponsor confidence.