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How to use Digital Magazine
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  6. 6Various functions are available, including screen resize, turning the page using a mouse.
How to subscribe to Digital Magazine
The subscription periods and fees are as follows.
  • $2.99 for one month
  • $7.99 for three months
  • $14.99 for six months
  • $27.99 for one year
You may pay for your subscription on a monthly basis.

Digital Magazine

Our Digital Magazine is the Korea’s first online digital magazine that is freely available in five major mobile devices, including PC, tablet PC, i-Phone, Galaxy phone (all smart phones with Android OS) powered by One-Source-Multi-Device (OSMD) technology

This platform allows you to save the storage space within your smart phone as digital contents are kept in My Library in i-Cloud mode and the CRM is dedicated to advertisers.

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