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Privacy policy

‘K CULTURE’ (listed as ‘company’ hereafter) values the customers’ personal information, and obeys the laws related to “Encouragement of use of communication network system and protection of information”. With the policies on personal information, we will notify you of how and for what purpose your personal information is used, and how we protect your personal information.

The company will notify any changes to the policies through the website’s bulletin board (or individual notification).

ο The policies will be enforced starting September 1st, 2011

■ List of personal information to be collected
The company is collecting the following information for sign ups, consulting, and service applications.
  • ο Collected : Name, sex, ID, password, cellphone number, email, date of birth, service use records, access log, accessed IP information, whether emails were checked or not.
  • ο Methods of collection : Website (Signup)
■ Collecting personal information and the purpose of its use
The company will use the collected personal information for following purposes.
  • ο Carrying out the terms of the service provision contract and providing fee allocation contents according to the service provision.
  • ο Administration of the members
    Identification, and individual discernment for the members’ service, prevention of illegal use from faulty members and unapproved use, confirming intent to sign up, handling complaints, delivering notification
  • ο Marketing and ads
    Delivering advertorial information such as events, providing services or ads according to demographics, understanding frequency of access or statics of the members’ service use
■ The period of possession and use of personal information
After the purposes of collection and use of personal knowledge are fulfilled, the company will destroy the applicable information with no exception
■ The process and method of destroying personal information
After the purposes of collection and use of personal knowledge are fulfilled, the company will destroy the applicable information without delay. The process and method of destroying information are as following
  • ο Process of destruction
    The information you put in for reasons such as signing up will be transferred to a separate DB (If on paper, a separate cabinet) after the purposes are fulfilled and the information will be destroyed after a set time period according to inside policy and other related laws. (See period of possession and use)
    After the personal information is transferred to a separate DB, it will not be used for purposes other than possession unless the law dictates otherwise
  • ο Method of destruction
    The information saved electronically will be destroyed in a way it cannot be restored
■ Providing personal information
The company does not provide personal information to the outside world. However, the following circumstances are exceptions.
  • - When requested by the law enforcement through process and method of investigation the law dictates
■ Consignment of personal information
The company does not does not consign your information to the outside without permission. If the need arises, the company will ask for permission and notify the details of theconsignment beforehand.
■ Rights of users and legal representatives and how to exert the rights
Users and legal representatives can access, change their or their children’s (under 14) personal information and can request for membership cancellation any time.
To access or change your or your children’s (under 14) personal information click ‘change personal information’, to cancel membership, click “cancel membership”. And if you contact the administrator via phone, or email, the company will take care of it immediately.
If you request changes to your personal information because of errors, it will not be used or provided until the changes are complete. If the wrong personal information has been provided to a third party already, the company will notify the third party immediately to make changes.
Cancelled or deleted personal information by the users and legal representatives will be administered according to “the period of use and possession of personal information collected by the company”.
■ Installation, administration, and declining of automatic personal information collecting device.
The company uses ‘cookie’ which saves your information and finds it. Cookie is a miniscule text file that is sent from the website’s server to your browser and it will be saved in your hard disk. The company uses cookie for following purposes.
  • ▶ Purpose of using cookie
    -Analyzing users and non-users’ frequency of access and time of access, apprehending the users preferences and interest, apprehending the users frequency of entering various events to provide personalized services and targeted marketing.
    You have the ability to choose to accept or decline installation of cookie. Therefore, you can allow all cookies, make the cookies go through your approval every time, or deny all cookies from being installed.
  • ▶ How to deny cookie
    Ex. you change the options on your web browser to allow all cookies, allow or deny cookie before every installation, or deny all cookie
    How to: Ex. (for Internet Explorer) : Tools > Internet Option > Personal Information
    There could be difficulties providing you with services when you deny cookie.
■ Customer service related to personal information
We have the following departments and employees in change of administering personal information to protect your personal information and handle complaints.
Customer Service Department :
Phone Number :
Email :
You can report all complaintsregarding your personal information during your use of the company’s services. The company will answer the complaints with deliverance.
If you need to report or receive advice related to invasion of personal information, contact the following bureaucracies.
  • 1.KISA (
  • 2.Eprivacy (
  • 3.Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Cyber Crime Investigation Center (
  • 4.National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center (