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Infinite Challenge of Idols

Date October. 04. 2013   Comment 0 Comment


From the stage to entertainment, television, and now on screen, the idol's dash to become a real entertainer is fierce.
 In 2012, Sully from f(x), who was named post Yoon-Eun-Hye has been casted in a movie <Pirate>.
She is to play a role as a 'Heuk-Myo', the mood-maker within the pirates, and show her new charm. 
Other idols like Su-Ji, Park-Yu-Chun, and I-Jun appeals to the audience as both idol and actors.
 Some criticize this phenomenon by claiming that discovering new actors has become more difficult and the idols should focus on their own field instead. 
Anyways, wouldn't it be better to evaluate their potentials and cheer for their infinite challenge than to say Yes or No?


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