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SNSD finishing their first solo concert in Jakarta, Indonesia with success! Global reputation confir

Date September. 24. 2013   Comment 0 Comment


At 4:30 PM on 14th, crowd of twelve hundred fans who were enchanted by the colorful performances of SNSD sent impassioned cheers heating up the stadium.


On this day, SNSD performed their hit songs such as 'Gee', 'Genie', 'Hoot', 'The Boys', and 'Run Devil Run' and other songs from their 4th album including 'I Got a Boy', 'Dancing Queen', 'Express 999', and 'Promise', as well as their Japanese hit single such as 'Flower Power', and 'Paparazzi' drawing the passionate applaud of the local fans.


The local fans passionately supported SNSD by raising up the picket with 'We will always be with you' written on it starting from 'I Got a Boy' performance to the first comment. They also celebrated Hyoyeon's birthday by putting up a picket with 'It's HYOurs time!' written on it creating a touching atmosphere. This crazed heat will continue on with "2013 GIRL'S GENERATION WORLD TOUR ~Girls & Peace~ in SINGAPORE" which will be held in Singapore Indoor Stadium on October 12th.


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